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Re: underlining links


From: Jon Brundage
Date: Sep 30, 2022 12:52PM

Thanks everyone for the input. So my take away is:

Links that are in navigational arrangement or styled like buttons don't require underlining.

Links in content must be delineated by some method. This includes underlining (probably the best method), bold text or italicized text - all with proper color contrast.

Sound right?

Also let me say a big way to help everyone with recognizing links is to have good link text.

"Our site is best in helping you find a product"

"Our site is best in helping you find a product"

Thanks again,


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Quote/ "My typical usability argument is. You put the link in this paragraph because you want users to click it.

When you then try to hide the link or disguise it as regular text, then users are not going to click it. Why would you do that?"


Thank you Birkir for such a straightforward, logical explanation.

And thanks to all others. Very valuable ideas.

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