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role="alert" and display:none


From: Maia Miller
Date: Oct 5, 2022 6:37PM

Hi folks,

I have a client working on applying live regions onto their error
messages as per 4.1.3 Status Messages

We've advised that the container with the live regions (for example,
<div role="alert">) must be in the DOM on load. The error message can
then be updated with validation.

According to MDN docs*, we can hide this <div> using display:none, then
changing the display to block will read out the alert. My question is:
how is this happening? My understanding is that screen readers ignore
display:none as it essentially removes the element from the document.
But a live region that appears on load with display:none still gets
recognized by AT?

Thanks for your help!

* MDN docs reference:

*Maia Miller*, WAS (Web Accessibility Specialist)
Accessibility Manager

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Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) Web Accessibility
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