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URI's in print media


From: USOL@sbcglobal.net
Date: Jul 23, 2004 11:30PM

I have a question regarding primarily print media and accessibility.
Some staff are wanting to standardize company policies for print
URI's, excluding the "http'//" string. I realize most (if not all)
web browsers will interpret www.domain.whatever correctly with out
the http:// string.
My concern is (a) Do all assistive technology devices such as JAWs,
HPR, and such correctly handle URI's as www excluding the "http://&;quot;?
(b) Concerning printed media is there a standard or recommendation
for typing out URI's in printed text documents?
(c) When print media is scanned or processed for braille or other AT,
would this affect such devices?
I realize some domains do not use the www and this is my primary
example for arguing and possibly causing complications.

Obviously I'm personally apposed to excluding the http:// from
printed URI's. I always thought I'd rather provide more information
than not enough, or possibly confusing a reader.

Your thoughts and input in arguing (or not) to excluding the HTTP://
string from URI's in print materials is appreciated.

Thanks in advance for assistance.