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Re: Check reading order warning for tables in Word 365


From: Karen McCall
Date: Oct 13, 2022 12:55PM

I find that sometimes, even though I have an accessible table and everything is correct, the only way to eliminate that warning so that my document passes an accessibility check is to apply a table style to the table. In fact, if you look at the remediation that you can do in the check accessibility pain, it shows you the table styles gallery, and you are supposed to choose a table style. Not sure why table styles fix this, it doesn't really, it's more of a cosmetic thing, but if you want the warning to disappear from an accessibility check, try applying a table style.

Cheers, Karen.

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If it is the "Check Reading Order" warning, this often occurs on tables
where the structure is complex, or where there's multi-line content in a
cell. It just wants a person to review the table and ensure that the table
is used appropriately. It can be safely dismissed if you know you have
created an accessible table.

On Wed, Oct 12, 2022 at 8:44 AM David Farough < <EMAIL REMOVED> >

> Thanks Ryan;
> I wondered about that!
> The strange thing is that if I activate the checker after opening the
> document, everything is good. Only after progressing through the document
> do I see the reading order warnings.
> In the most recent case it flagged all 20 tables.
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> Hi,
> I've always treated that warning as something that always shows if a table
> is present due to how a table can be used. In the last few weeks I've seen
> a few documents that use a 1x1 table to create a centered box, for example..
> Getting back to the question, I interpret the warning as needing a human
> to bless that the table is fine.
> --
> Ryan E. Benson
> On Tue, Oct 11, 2022, 2:13 PM David Farough < <EMAIL REMOVED> >
> wrote:
> > Can anyone help me figure out why I keep getting these warnings in a
> > word document with multiple tables from the accessibility checker?
> >
> > I make it a point to mark heading rows, Turn off the break across
> > pages option.
> > Specify uniform top and bottom cell margins of 0.1
> >
> > The only recommendation that I get from the accessibility checker to
> > fix this is to specify a style for the table.
> > Doing this often removes changes I have made previously.
> > Is there something I should look for or do to correct this?
> > Thanks
> > David
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