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JAWS 2023 bug - Tables Spanning Multiple Pages Stuck in Endless Loop


From: Laura Roberts
Date: Oct 31, 2022 8:05AM

Just a Heads Up.

I've reported this to Vispero by email and in their Github.
Here's a copy of my bug report.

Made a table spanning multiple pages accessible. In JAWS 2023, after
announcing the table end, JAWS returns to the beginning of the table
instead of proceeding to the next page.


1. Tag and remediate multi page table
2. It doesn't matter whether you allow PDFMaker to tag, use Acrobat's
autotag or manually tag - same outcome for all 3.
3. It doesn't matter whether you include <THead><TBody> or not - same
4. Test with JAWS 2023.
5. After JAWS announces the table end, it returns to the second cell of
the header row of the table. The user is trapped in an endless loop and is
unable to advance to subsequent pages in the document.
6. Test with JAWS 2022.
7. No problems. JAWS reads the table fine and proceeds to the next page
at the end of the table as it should.

Expected result
What did you expect to happen? JAWS should read the table and after it
ends, JAWS should read the following page.

Actual result
What actually did happen? JAWS returned to the second cell of the table,
trapping the user in an endless loop.

I created a sample table in MS Word, converted to a PDF using PDFMaker,
then remediated the PDF. I originally encountered this issue in a PDF that
was created in InDesign (which I cannot share due to my NDA).

Best regards,
Laura Roberts