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Re: - Blank paragraphs


From: Hayman, Douglass
Date: Nov 21, 2022 2:02PM


I think that like skipping heading levels, having those blank "P' tags can be problematic. If one is on a web page and hits "2" with NVDA and it says no next heading level 2, I wouldn't imagine people would then try "3", "4", "5", or "6". Sure, they could hit "H" and hear "no next heading" but I've seen several PDF files that have a third of a page of single "P" tags which read "blank, blank, blank" whereas not being there, it jumps to the next tagged content.

Not sure if you're getting at both authors to do the right thing as well as AT users to know their tech?

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One of my personal bugbears, in Word and the Web, is the use of a carriage return to provide space (It should be done using styles/css).

We discussed it at a team meeting and our screenreader user was horrified - "How would I know when a paragraph ends?"

He didn't know about navigating by paragraph with his screenreader. My position remains that anything we write for a wider audience should use styles for spacing and there's a responsibility on AT users to learn their AT. It doesn't help that 99% of the world thinks tapping return twice is what you do at the end of a paragraph but we can work on that.

If he wants an empty paragraph in documents written for him then I'll do that as a reasonable accommodation while gently helping him move along.



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