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Screen reader bugs


From: Sumit Patel
Date: May 29, 2023 12:37AM

Hai all,

I would like to know the thoughts on how everyone approaches screen
reader bugs which causes accessibility issues .

Here screen reader bugs means I refer, -
though we have added recommended or apppropriate ARIA/HTML code , some
of the screen readers don't identify it.
For example, Talkback does not support ARIA/HTML required attribute,
group label which added using either fieldset and legend tags or
"group" role etc .
Not just Talkback, with most of the screen readers , I have seen this
issue. It may work with most of the screen readers except 1 or 2

I am not talking about a scenario where wehavn't added appropriate
code and screen reader does not render it as expected.

Talking about screen reader does not render it as expected even after
adding appropriate code , maybe by refering aria techniques or or any
other documents

Here, what should be our approach ?
Even I have experienced scenarios where the code was working fine
initially . but, stopped working after a screen reader update .

Do we need to ignore this issue as it just happens in only 1 or 2
screen readers and by thinking that it may get fixed in future after
some updates of thos readers
need to think of other alternatives which works well with all the
screen readers?