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Re: Expanding Table rows - Can this be made accessible?


From: Laurence Lewis
Date: May 30, 2023 1:32PM

Glen, You make some interesting observations to consider. The tables I
provided as examples were dummy content, it was the expanding functionality
I was targeting rather than the relationship between the parent row and the
expanded rows. The aria-description is not part of the ARIA specification,
however it is already supported by both browsers and screen readers.
Someone in the ARIA WG could probably add more information on why this has
such wide support. It was Bryan Garaventa who originally introduced me to

The support for the Summary / Details HTML pattern does suggest it is now a
viable option.

Steve, thanks for the Adrian link. I noticed his approach is reasonable
similar to my POCs in that he uses a disclosure widget with aria-expanded
and aria-controls.

I have something I can work with now, thank you both for your feedback.

Laurence Lewis
Accessibility Senior Specialist (Telstra, Brisbane Australia)