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Re: musical note for SAMI captioning?


From: Sandy Clark
Date: Aug 25, 2004 1:54PM

I found this in the google cache.

Since it basically shows Use of CSS, could you possibly add a musical note
to a background-image in the CSS?

Sandy Clark
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From: skeegan [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]
Sent: Wednesday, August 25, 2004 3:07 PM
To: WebAIM Discussion List
Subject: [WebAIM] musical note for SAMI captioning?

Has anyone placed a musical note within a SAMI captioned Windows Media

I have a situation where we would like to identify the caption with a
musical note, but am not having success. I have done a bit of Googling and
keep getting the same MSDN resource that talks about the need to identify
music, but provides no other support. Anyone else been successful (or not)
in doing this - and how did you do it?

Take care,

Sean Keegan
Web Accessibility Instructor
High Tech Center Training Unit for the
California Community Colleges
Cupertino, CA

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