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How many people switch off javascript?


From: Victoria Hamill
Date: Aug 31, 2004 4:02AM


One of our clients has requested a text-only version of his website so that
he can avoid thinking about accessibility on his main site. I'm trying to
put together a list of arguments against this as I completely disagree with
the whole notion of building a flat and lifeless alternative because you
want to have a whizzy menu etc. on the main one. I know that the idea of
text-only is unpopular among people here as I've seen a lot of outrage
whenever it is mentioned.

One of my arguments is to be the number of people who switch off javascript
when they view sites, thus making the use of javascript as a navigation
tool unreliable. I believe this number is quite high, and is far from
restricted to people with disabilities, but was wondering if there was a
resource anyone knew of where I could find a statistic?


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