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Re: Accessible Form Validation Errors


From: Mary Martinson Grossnickle, Martinson Training
Date: Sep 3, 2004 2:28PM

"Next turning to the question of pop-ups - unrequested pop-ups are very
disorienting for people using screen readers as well as those with cognative

Another issue is for people using screen magnifiers. When a pop-up error
window occurs, it's usually not in the visible portion of the screen that a
person with a screen magnifier is seeing. In my experience doing usability
testing, the user tries to do something, and hears the beep indicating that
they can't go on. Sometimes the person knows this means an error window has
appeared somewhere on the screen; then the search begins to find the error
window. Sometimes the user doesn't realize what the beeping means, and often
will just close the browser and start over.

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