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Re: What motivates me?


From: Cyndi Rowland
Date: Mar 8, 2000 4:57PM

Excellent example Norm,
I know we want to instill exactly that type of motivation. The
motivation to do the right thing. Of course we struggle with how to go
about this in a way that is effective. Our staff was just talking today
about the USU web folks that we trained in December. We are going to try
to follow up with each one's URL (if we can get them) to see how they are
doing on accessibility. To be frank, we will be surprised if there has
been much change in the group. Maybe we planted a seed (that thought was
provided by Crystal), maybe there has been change or they will reflect it
in future work? I worry/struggle with the thought that folks take this
fabulous information and just put it on the back burner, not thinking of
your central focus Norm; that they could positively affect the quality of
someone's LIFE. I don't know what could be more important than that!
Perhaps in our WebAIM training we need to increase the real life anecdotes,
such as yours, to drive the point home all throughout. Of course I'll wait
to see the data, but I have this hunch . . .
The need to identify webmaster motivation for change becomes more
clear each day. I think it is because of the impact it can have. I'd like
to share a story as well, although it won't be new to you Norm. Just
yesterday Paul and I met with a new student hire to our project. He is
blind and indicated to us that he struggles to get at web materials that
support his coursework. ( I won't even go into some of the JAWS stuff here
- Yikes!). I asked him how many of his professors use the web to support
their coursework. He indicated ALL OF THEM; pretty good for undergraduate
courses. I asked, "then how do you get this information"? He said, he
needed it placed on tape or he would need to get a reader. In other words,
he is always behind AND he is having to work twice as hard just to GET TO
THE CONTENT. At some level I know that this happens everyday. At another
level, when confronted with the reality of what the disabled consumer faces
on a daily basis I am appalled. Well enough of my brief hissey-fit. Our
WebAIM team wants to make sure that we can put in place a system where
change is really going to take place. There is still so much to figure out
on motivating the webmasters.
Thanks for listening
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