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Re: Re[2]: Text alternative for flash animation


From: razvan@cpea.ro via hermes.insoft.ro
Date: Sep 28, 2004 4:48AM

Thank you all for responding.

Kindest Regards,
Razvan Pop

blackdorrit wrote:
<blockquote cite=" <EMAIL REMOVED> "
--- Jared Smith <; <EMAIL REMOVED> >; wrote:

I am only guessing that most screen reader users have Flash
If you have or install a browser, chances are that you have the
player installed. It comes bundled with most browsers and on all
Windows computers by default. I assume that when Macromedia states
that 90 some odd percent of Internet connected computers have Flash
installed, then I think it's reasonable to assume that this
isn't too different for screen reader users.

One data point here. Our corporate Common Operating Environment does
not include Flash (and the machines are locked down) and I believe
that this is not uncommon.

So, in the corporate environment at least, the percentage of users
able to display Flash material may be lower than Macromedia would
like to believe.


Kerry Webb
Canberra, Australia

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razvan pop

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