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Re: Re[2]: information for non-profits


From: Glenda
Date: Sep 29, 2004 9:26AM


Thanks for your comments. I agree that the last site version was more
accessible, and cleaner and simpler. The only problem I had was with the
message atop the first page:

"An accessible web for all depends upon adherence to standards. You are
seeing this message because your browser does not support important web
standards. Although the content of this site should still be accessible to
you, it will look much better in a compliant browser. If accessibility is
important to you then please take time to read about web standards and how
to support them. You will also find information about upgrading your

Wasn't sure that was appropriate.

When I do write the ED, I will mention the site has gone backwards in
accessibility. I welcome any other comments others have.


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About the neilsquire.ca pages. That is a bit of sad news for me about their

I regularly track changes to most major, nonprofit disability-related info
sites in Canada and I remember distinctly when the Neil Squire first
produced a standards compliant page back in 2002 or so. Check out The
Waybackmachine for May 2002:

They were I think the first in the field in Canada to start using the W3C
logos to promote the standards compliance of their site -- the other leader
in the field in Canada, the CNIB , was using a
proprietary accessibility logo at the time, though the CNIB have now
switched to the W3C logos.

While not perfect, I remember feeling in 2002 that the Neil Squire site was
actually moving more quickly towards a fully accessible site than most other
non-profits in that field in Canada, and that they should be commended as a
leader in the area of web accessibility.

Needless to say, I was surprised to see them taken to task for their site
here on the WebAIM list...and even more surprised to see that indeed, as
Glenda and Iain have suggested, their current site is not really very
accessible at all. It is sad to see that they've actually moved _backwards_
in terms of standards compliance and accessibility. This must have happend
during the last major overhaul of their site I think. In fact, the new site
hasn't actually deleted all the old accessibility info, logo, and link
references from the actual XHTML code, they've simply commented out all the
old accessibility stuff which used to be there in the old design -- if
you're interested, check out the end of the source code page for their home
page and you can see the old code still sitting there.

Philip Kiff.

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