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Re: No decision from the Appeals court


From: michael.brockington
Date: Sep 30, 2004 3:18AM

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From: khall51 [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]

> I don't think it was really off topic in that understanding how the ADA
has made a positive
> impact in some areas may lead some people to the conclusion that it would
be a good idea
> to broadly apply it or similar legislation to web sites.

Sounding slightly vague there - lawyers love words like broad and similar:
gives them plenty to argue over in court, at our expense.

Perhaps I can pose a different, though related question. What is the closest
analogy you can find to Website Acessibility?
On the one hand, copyright law treats the Web as essentially the same as all
printed media - yet when I buy a newspaper I only have one choice; ie which
'brand' to buy, if one is unreadable I must buy a different one.
In contrast, there is much talk these days about software patenting. While
many people disagree, Big Business like to treat software concepts (the code
itself is already copyrighted of course) as a tangible object to be Patented,
which I would assume would allow you to Patent an entire website in at least
some circumstances.

What existing area do you all think is the most appropriate comparison?



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