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Re: No decision from the Appeals court


From: Hall, Kevin (K.M.)
Date: Sep 30, 2004 9:15AM

You're right that corporate interests will not lobby for web accessibility. However, it's very easy for a politician to sponsor an ill advised accessibility bill that allows them to stump on their defense of disabled citizens access to the web. It doesn't have to actually do any good, in fact the law can make things worse and they really won't care as long as they can say they did something and the other guy didn't. That type of policy making can be just as dangerous as laws that place corporate greed ahead of the public good.

-Kevin Hall

OT - You're right about the Induce Act, and while one call alone doesn't make a difference, thousands will, so it's worth a few minutes of your time to help preserve the Betamax decision in the U.S. See savebetamax.org or eff.org for more information.
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> If we can prevent the nightmare that is copyright law in the U.S.
> (see the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Honorable Senator from
> Disney, and the new Induce Act) from spreading to web design

No need to worry about that. Our new oppressive copyright legislation is
based on heavy-handed corporate influence. They are interested in Money. I
doubt they have much interest in actually catering to consumers, which is
what accessibility is all about. ;o)

BTW, do call your senators regarding the Induce Act. A very frightening
piece of legislature. And if you live in UT, for the love of mankind, please
help get rid of Orrin Hatch.

Regarding this whole gov-regulated accessibility, I'm not sure if the debate
is really going to get us anywhere. I'd suggest that we just proselytize the
benefits (in the cotext of 'good business') so it spreads prior to the
government getting their hands into the batter too deep.


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