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Re: No decision from the Appeals court


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Sep 30, 2004 1:39PM

> So, maybe the next step is to figure out to speak 'web accessibility'
> in business language? And to do this fairly quickly, before the
> legislators swoop in. Personally, I would like to see way more info
> and figures for the business case. I now have a potential
> opportunity to work with Chambers of Commerce And I'm going to need
> that sort of information to get them to bite.

I know it's an anology, and anologies can be dangerous, but I do find a lot
of parallels in the architecture/construction business and web
design/development business. The benefit is that there tends to be all sorts
of real-world cost issues analyzed in the construction business.

Fine Homebuilding had a nice 'sound-bite' pertaining to the costs of


Accessibility isn't really a hindrance to any project. It's a benefit. You
just need to plan for it. Good business revolve around good planning.