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From: Anitra Pavka
Date: Oct 22, 2001 8:19AM

From my experience, I found that few sites use d links, and the ones
that do, use them inconsistently.
The following site has what I consider to be the typical approach:
http://www.sfmuni.com/absite/webacces.htm#hearing The link is located to
the right of the image. The description page provides a one or two line
explanation of the page's purpose, (for those who stumble across the page
and aren't familiar with what a d link is). Then, it provides the
description of the image.
In this example, the d link is included with the text which references
the graphic, instead of being placed beside the graphic, itself:
Then there are sites that list all of the d linked text on the same
page. In the case of the WGBH site, the description page covers all of the
images together and provides the links to their respective pages:
http://main.wgbh.org/wgbh/ On the blrry.com accessibility page, the d link
jumps to the part of the description page that has the description for the
specific image: http://www.blrry.com/accessible/ However, I still think
this might be confusing to users when they start getting descriptions for
other images, with little warning.
Is there any consensus on how to implement d links? Any thoughts on
what is the most usable method? For example, would it be useful to provide
navigation on the d link description page?

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<EMAIL REMOVED> | Information Network of Kansas
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