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Re: any recommendations for 508 validation and/or repair tools?


From: Kynn Bartlett
Date: Oct 22, 2001 4:43PM

At 02:17 PM 10/22/2001 , Prof Norm Coombs wrote:
>A-prompt is one of the best repair tools available, and it is free. At the
>end of the day an intelligent, knowledgeable human being is the best repair
>tool, but it doesn't come cheap.
I agree that A-prompt is good -- and I strongly second the comment
about a "knowledgeable human being." For all the good that tools
can do, they only work if the person running them knows what she's
How do you get to know what you're doing? Easiest way, I think, is
to take one of the courses available -- such as EASI's, WebAIM's, or
HWG/IWA's. Consider this a plug for me, Norm, and Paul. ;) Hey, I
am not _completely_ self-serving here.
PS: Has anyone taken the WOW accessibility course?
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