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ALT attributes in PDFs


From: Kerry Webb
Date: Oct 24, 2004 8:03PM

I'm trying to help our Web managers create more accessible PDFs and
have run into a problem.

The instructions from the Adobe site say that if there is an image in
a Word document, I can associate text with the image by using the
Format Picture feature in Word, and then create the PDF.

This appears to work, but only on the first page of the document. I
can mouseover the images on the first page and the ALT text is
displayed. But nothing is displayed for images on subsequent pages.

And I can't add the ALT text later, because Acrobat tells me that
it's already been tagged.

I'm using Acrobat Standard; perhaps the Professional version doesn't
do this.

Any ideas?



Kerry Webb
Canberra, Australia

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