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Listing URLs...link the URL text or just the title?


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Nov 10, 2004 11:03AM

I think the answer to this is obvious, but that I'm just overthinking it.

What would people recommend be the best way to show a list of links to other

Site A
Description of Site A

Site B
Description of Site B

Site C
Description of Site C

My hunch is that explicitly writing out the URL as a text link would be a
pain to have to listen to while using a screen reader, plus, the link itself
doesn't really say what the page is. So, based on that, it'd make more sense
to just link the site names, rather than writing out a full URL and linking

However, the geek in me sees some value in writing out the full URL as it
makes it easier to scan where the links are actually taking you, and makes
it much more convienient to have to print out.

Perhaps it'd be best to link the Site name and then show the full text link
only on a print CSS version?

Like I said, I think I'm overthinking this one...