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From: Glenda
Date: Nov 26, 2004 12:53AM

I am finally working on a badly needed facelift for my own site, and I'm
wondering at what point do breadcrumbs actually become useful. At this
point my site is only two or three pages deep, and the breadcrumbs seem
redundant of the navigation bar.

It is the same with my husband's new site -- www.enablingabilities.com --
which is a similar design. It isn't until
http://www.enablingabilities.com/article1.html that you get three pages
deep, which maybe is when breadcrumbs become useful. But if you use
breadcrumbs at all, should they be used on EVERY page??

And, while I'm here, can anyone tell me how to get the vertical line on
http://www.enablingabilities.com/sitemap.html to go all the way down?? I'm
good at evaluating accessibility, not at building them!

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