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Re: Breadcrumb Navigation


From: Web Aim
Date: Nov 26, 2004 4:24AM

I don't think you have enough related pages to use this type of navigation.
The line down the page problem:

The page doesn't look too bad as it is so just leave it.
Otherwise the easiest solution is to put more content into the centre panel
(div called "maincontent"
You could add more text or a longish graphic, perhaps an appropriate
picture. I think you could even hide these.
The situation is
This section of the page is as long as its longest panel. You use three
On the page you have a left hand panel (the form) with a border down the
right hand side. Next to this is the centre panel (maincontent) with a
border down the left hand side.
These borders coincide to create a single vertical line down the page.
But the line you see is only as long as the longest border between the two
On most pages the centre panel is the longest because it contains a lot of
text etc.
Hence the vertical line extends to the bottom.
On the Site Map page the line is only as long as the left panel. This leaves
a gap because the right panel now being the longest determines the length
of the page.
So if you put more content into the centre panel the line will go to the
bottom of the page.
Best just leave it!
Joe Bosher.