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Re: breadcrumb navigation


From: michael.brockington
Date: Nov 29, 2004 6:13AM

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> From: tim.beadle [mailto: <EMAIL REMOVED> ]

> What bothers me, then, is the fact that if you live in a "more real
> world", how you can't see the merit in these techniques?

I can see merit in these techniques for flashy sites that do not care about

However the site that we were first shown clearly _did_ care about the
standards. The fact that it was presented in this forum alone should suggest
that the author is interested in 'best-practice' and not simply in getting
the job done.
In that context I was appalled to see such an ugly hack being suggested, when
in fact all that was wanted or needed was a better understanding of the CSS
box model, something that will help the author immeasurably in the future.
Yes, I appreciate that the solution that I proposed was not entirely
straight-forward, but I assumed that the author had enough intelligence to be
able to handle variable length columns appropriatly. In fact, I believe that
my solution was actually much easier than the background image technique, not
least because it assumed no graphics knowledge.

I am afraid that many people seem to think that just because they no longer
use tables, that whatever else they do must be all right. With the current
diversity of access devices this is not the case. I would certainly not be
the last to criticise any current browser, whether PDA, AT or PC, for failing
to render code correctly, but we have to understand that this is going to be
the norm for the foreseeable future, and ensure that we we adhere as closely
as possible to the spirit of the standards, not just 'the letter of the law'.



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