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Re: Mozilla Accessibility Extension for testing for acce ssibility within a web browser


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Dec 2, 2004 8:52AM

> JRG: The alt text is now in the text column in the lastest
> version.


> JRG: You mean you would like to print to paper the list of
> something? Why would this be useful?

It'd be useful as a checklist of things I (or whoever on the dev. team)
needs to fix.

> JRG: On the right hand side of all toolbars is a shaded area
> with a small arrow pointing down. Click in this area and the
> toolbar will shrink. But what it sounds like is you would
> like a hide altogether function, right?

Hmm...I don't see that widget in my version of Firefox (using the latest
build on a PC) Maybe that's a Mozilla-only thing?

> Thanks you for your comments!

Thanks for working on a great tool!