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Re: Rethinking "Skip to Content"


From: KNOCK Alistair
Date: Dec 2, 2004 10:03AM

> Therefore, wouldn't it be more useful to include two links
> near the beginning of each page read-out, called, "Go to page
> content" and "Go to web site menu".

It's a grand idea, but beware of becoming too verbose. You could end up
with two sets of those links, one in the navigation bar and one in the
content. Or one at the start and end of the content, like "Back to top"
buttons (instead, why not explain how useful the Home key/function is).
Or a "Go to the bit just before the footer where the fun stuff starts"

These kind of links should NOT be necessary in the first place; page
navigation should be managed by the user agent and not instigated by the
developer. Markup languages and subsequently UAs should allow site
navigation sections to have their own tags or to be referenced in
separate includes/sections. (e.g. use of the tag, nl for
navigation list, or between and )

Whatever way it's done the objective should be allow the user agent and
hence the user, to distinguish immediately between the parts of the page
which refer to content, and the parts which refer to site navigation.
You can then get rid of the bloat and all the style-conscious designers
can breathe a sigh of relief that they don't need to hide those "ugly"
links any more.