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Re: Rethinking "Skip to Content"


From: Dagmar Noll
Date: Dec 3, 2004 9:45AM

>From: Patrick Lauke
>Date: Thu, Dec 02 2004 09:23:22 AM
..Subject: Re: Rethinking "Skip to Content"

>> From: intern.wincog

>> I know that many screen readers allow a user to jump from one
>> link to the
>> next,

>aeh...every browser lets you do this (most of them use the TAB key).
>Or did you mean "functional block" (or similar) instead of link?

I meant links. Since menus are generally made up of a clump of links,
someone wanting to find the menu quickly might have some luck finding it
quickly by just reading out the links.

I knew JAWS could jump from header to header, but didn't realize it would
skim other functional elements as well.

This suggests to me that the "Skip/Go" links aren't as vital to
screen-readers as I first thought they were (unless other screen readers do
not have that same functionality), but are important to those who are
tab-browsing. However, most of the time those links are "hidden", so what
good are they to those individuals?

Thanks to Mike Moore for the demo links. I will download these when I think
I can make the most out of the trial periods.

(Side note-- I can tab-browse with Mozilla, but can't seem to do it using IE
or Opera. What gives?)