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Re: Speaking of "Skip to" links


From: Terence de Giere
Date: Dec 14, 2004 7:09PM

Seth wrote:

I'm working on a site template that has
a "skip to" link that's acting
funny when my friend tests it in JAWS 4.5.

The problem is that when she
chooses the "Skip Menu" link it takes her
to the area right around the
target, not the target itself.

Seth --

The target of the "skip to" link is an empty anchor element. This is
allowable under the HTML or XHTML specifications, which state that user
agents should handle this situation, although some technology may have
trouble with this. To have the link go to the H2 heading, the anchor
element should surround the text in the H2 element, that is, the A
element should be inside the H2 element, not before it. In some older
graphical browsers this results in an underline of the text which also
may be colored blue by default; so it may confuse some visual users that
the heading is a clickable link, when it is just the target of a link.
The underline and blue color may be removed with CSS in some of these

Terence de Giere