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Re: Speaking of "Skip to" links


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Dec 15, 2004 9:32AM

> The target of the "skip to" link is an empty anchor element. This is
> allowable under the HTML or XHTML specifications, which state that
> user agents should handle this situation, although some technology
> may have trouble with this.

Do any screen readers have trouble with that? I guess that's my main

> To have the link go to the H2 heading,
> the anchor element should surround the text in the H2 element

And this is the catch for our current site. Our page template looks like

skip to content
(navigation HTML)
(breadcrumb navigation)
content anchor
[page title - pulled from DB]
[page content - pulled from DB]

The catch is that the page title is sometimes pulled in from a the
navigation DB table, while sometimes it's being pulled from the content DB

I think I can work around this and add another layer of logic to the page
rendering module, but before I tackled that, I was wondering if the current
method of the empty anchor before the content is a problem for screen