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Re: Tabindexes


From: Hoffman, David
Date: Dec 16, 2004 8:33AM

Unfortunately, there are accessibility solutions that simply do not
validate. There simply is no way to provide certain desired functionality
for the benefit of accessibility and remain compliant with W3C standards. I
sent the W3C WAI a message about one such issue about a month ago and am
preparing to send a message about another such issue. I have not heard back.


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On Dec 15, 2004, at 5:54 PM, andrew.arch85 wrote:

> Best practice (IMHO) is not to
> provide keyboard/tab access to the expanded menu, but to allow
> keyboard users to just access the top level and then go to an
> intermediate page with the dropdown choices clearly visible.


O.k. I used tabindex="-1" and the page wouldn't validate. I changed the
-1 to 0 but then the links in the submenu are tabbable anyway. How do I
turn off tab access to links?


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