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Accessible online learning course starts Dec. 3


From: Prof Norm Coombs
Date: Nov 27, 2001 1:11AM

Still time to register and handle payments after the course starts . . .
Barrier-freeEASI's online course, E-learning, begins Dec. 3 and runs for a
month. Taught by Norman Coombs, a pioneer in distance learning for 20
years at the Rochester Institute of Technology: http://easi.cc/workshop.htm
E-learning, distance learning or whatever you call it is the hottest thing
in education today, but schools are only beginning to think about making
these courses accessible for students with disabilities. If your school is
involved in online learning, this course will be invaluable for you.
Modern adaptive computer technology has the potential to make these
technologies more accessible to such students than any previous form of
education. However, the wrong technology choices mayy erect new and
needless barriers to the full inclusion of these students in their ability
to use of e-learning systems.
Course Syllabus:
Lesson 1 Introduction
Types of E-learning technologies
Advantages and disadvantages of e-learning for students with disabilities
Disability-related legislation and e-learning
Lesson 2 Adaptive technology interfaces
Alternative output technologies
Alternative input technologies
Interfacing adaptive technology and courseware
Lesson 3 accessible web design
Web Access Initiative guidelines
Section 508 standards
Good web design is half of accessible design
Lesson 4 Guest presenters share experiences and information
Presentations from several e-learning programs
Presentations by developers of existing e-learning guidelines
Presentations by designers of e-learning systems
Lesson 5 Tips for faculty and content providers
Coombs ten tips for e-learning
Designing content to increase accessibility for all
Designing a training program for faculty to learn about accessibility
Lesson 6 accessible Internet Multimedia (audio, video, PowerPoint and more)
Using media redundantly
SMIL! you're on the Internet (providing captions)
When to outsource captioning and transcribing activities
Lesson 7 Beyond the online delivery of e-learning
Access for blind users to drawings, diagrams and charts
Access for blind users to technical texts
When to outsource technical text and graphic production
Lesson 8 System-wide planning and designing for access
Campus-wide responsibility
Writing a campus accessibility policy
Developing a systematic funding plan
Networking on and off campus
Registration and syllabus are at http://easi.cc/workshops/bfel.htm
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