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Lang Codes


From: No Name
Date: Jan 21, 2005 4:37PM

I'm writing to ask experts about the HTML Language
attribute for accessibility compliance
Priority 1 - 4.1 check point also related W C
Priority 3 - Check Point 4.3 Identifying the primary

According to W3C

the language attribute for French, using their example
is "lang="fr"".
I find similar information at other sources, example
Dive into Accessibility

When I look deeper into the actual specification I
find different defined language codes. See Examples:

In this document I see reference to ISO 639-1 (two
character language identifier code) and ISO 639-2
(three character language identifier code).

I assume 639-2 is newer than the previous making it
most recent and recognize these as synonyms. Except I
do not see the code for "en-US".

What I'm trying to understand is... What is the
correct (most current) Language identifier code to
Give example: for English - United States/ if that's

c). I see this example used every
where in source code but not in the ISO (curious).

2. If the W3C is a model for teaching standards and
accessibility, why do they and other "Experts" use the
older 639-1 two character coding if the 639-2 three
character is most recent? Are they behind in updating
their web site?

Inquiring mind want to know... Help!

Maybe this is just another example of English gone
1). I had to subject the subject to a series of tests.
2). How can I intimate this to my most intimate

I'm just looking for a quick answer because it's
confusing, not a lecture. Thanks in advance for the

TGIF! ;)