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Re: A Problem with a Table, Checkbox, and Label


From: Tim Harshbarger
Date: Jan 26, 2005 1:46PM

We have tried JAWS 5.x through 6.x.

If we tab through (either in Forms mode or virtual cursor mode,) the
labels for the checkboxes read correctly.

Unfortunately, if we navigate it as a table (in order to read the
different values in the different columns,) JAWS acts as though there
are no names in the name column. This only seems to be happening when
we use the label...for element to explicitly associate the label with
the checkboxes.

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Sent: Wednesday, January 26, 2005 1:41 PM
Subject: Re: [WebAIM] A Problem with a Table, Checkbox, and Label

What version of Jaw are you on?

>>> <EMAIL REMOVED> 01/20/05 10:45 AM >>>

As JAWS allows one to check/uncheck a checkbox without activating forms
mode, it is best to navigate this table as a table and not as a form, I
guess. If one turned on forms mode, then one might not be able
to read corresponding content in the third column without exiting
forms mode.
Also JAWS and WinEyes read first column content as row headers and first
row content as column headers for simple tables and although th markup
is recommended, the screen readers will read these headers without th
In this case, as first column just contains a checkbox, the second
column needs to be made a row header. This can only be done with header
and id association, the technique normally used for complex tables.

This page might also have some button that triggers something after one
or more rows are checked off, right?
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From: tim.harshbarger.cqwg
To: WebAIM Discussion List
Sent: Thursday, January 20, 2005 11:32 AM
Subject: [WebAIM] A Problem with a Table, Checkbox, and Label


I am hoping someone has a solution for a problem or has some
to try.

There is this table with 3 columns and multiple rows. The first
contains a checkbox. The second column contains the name of a person
(last name, first name format.) The third column contains additional
contact information.

I fixed the table so that the column headings are marked up with the
element. I also went through the table and encoded label elements for
all the names and then associated them with their related checkboxes.

Unfortunately, I am getting a strange result in JAWS. When I tab to
checkbox, the correct name label is read. However, if I use the JAWS
table navigation keys and move into the column containing first and
name, JAWS seems to think all those cells are blank. The only
is the column header.

Anyone run into this problem?


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