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Re: Print Margins


From: KNOCK Alistair
Date: Jan 28, 2005 2:51AM

Surely the solution then is to ensure that all formatted documents are
set in an area no larger than a standard postcard. This then alleviates
the problem of our disobedient comrades who defect from the grand plan
of all buying exactly the same printer model, and for whom adjusting a
single setting in the main print dialog is a cardinal sin.

If at first you don't succeed, try and try again. Let's not assume our
users are idiots. They may be, but that's not our problem. Set out
formatted documents in the way that will benefit your largest target
audience. I'm assuming that Dagmar isn't proposing to provide online
bus schedules for the entire globe, as beneficial as that may be. But
like Patrick says, Dagmar isn't printing the document, the user is.
Maybe your users won't even print them! Maybe they'll save the trees.
I would just push the content right to the boundaries and assume that if
the user can't work out how to adjust print settings, then they'll be
used to failure anyway and it'll all be OK.

We're in the business of opening doors, not spoon feeding.