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Re: headings


From: Chris Heilmann
Date: Feb 21, 2005 3:54AM

>> That is three levels. How about the fourth one? There is no
>> H7 and you
>> cannot restart at H1.
> The W3C defines 6 levels as being the maximum you should use in any one
> document - I can't believe that you would advocate exceeding that on this
> forum of all places? I'm sure that would cause problems for those with
> cognitive issues so I would never dream of it, I don't think I have ever
> gone
> past H4.

Who claimed I want to have an H7? When one represents the site structure
in headers, starting with H1 as the site name, h2 as the section and so on
then you will run out very soon. I used that example to show how illogical
it is to mix site and document structure.

Currently I am working on council sites, and their standards define a
certain taxonomy going down 5 levels, this would be an example where we'd
have used up all the document headers for the site structure.

>> http://www.cnn.com/2005/ALLPOLITICS/02/18/limiting.lawsuits.ap/index.html
>> The title of the article is the h1, I don't see Cnn.com
> Politics ...
> Do you own documents any way that you want, but showing me one single site
> on
> the web that does things that way does not prove that the site name in an
> H1
> causes any accessibility problems.

It may not cause any problems, but it certainly is not the idea of the
element, Jukkas mail explained that.

>> The site structure should be presented to me as a interactive element
>> of>
> the page. What good is it to know I am in the plush toys section when I>
> cannot navigate back up to the toys section or drill further down to
> the>
> frogs or giraffes?
> You said earlier that the site structure was not part of the document
> structure, and should be inferred from the navigation, have you changed
> your
> mind?

Where did I say that? I never pointed out navigation before I came here,
unless you see headers as a navigation tool. The navigation I am talking
about here are the links binding the site together, not the internal ones
in the document.

>> The site structure is represented in the navigation - the global one
>> and>
> aided by tools like a breadcrumb navigation and links to similar
> content.>
> You can repeat it, but not at the cost of internal structure of the
>> current document.
> I think you mean that you should repeat it _in order to enhance the
> semantic
> structure_ of the document.

No, you should repeat it as a shortcut for the visitor, a breadcrumb is
easier to use than drilling upward through the navigation bar. Using
headers for the site navigation cuts down on your options of page

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