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Re: Accessible web forms: default text in edit boxes and text areas


From: Tim Beadle
Date: Feb 23, 2005 5:55AM

"jkorpela" < <EMAIL REMOVED> > wrote
on 23/02/2005 12:07:18:
> On the other hand, for input type="radio" and input type="checkbox",
> it is better to put the <input> element inside the <label>
> This makes the association better known to browsers (including IE)
> that, for example, you can click on the label text to toggle the
> radio button or checkbox setting - an important feature to people
> with motoric disabilities or a poor mouse, since the radion button
> or checkbox is fairly small.

Does IE ignore the "for" attribute, then?

I thought that having an adjacent label with a for
attribute, and a unique id on the form element, was enough to make the
label clickable and give focus to the form element. The above works in
Mozilla-based browsers.



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