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Web Accessibility Visualization Tool updated


From: Jon Gunderson
Date: Mar 24, 2005 7:13AM

The students have updated the beta version of the Web
Accessibility Visualization Tool. The changes are listed
below. Please try out the tool and provide feedback to me or
through the comments link on the left hand navigation bar.
The students only will be working on the project for about 6
more weeks, so feedback right now is critical. Thanks.


Changes since last version:
1. Redesigned the interface to fit inside the browser window,
without scroll bars.

2. Moved "About . . . Visualization" to the right side of the
screen, to save on vertical space.

3. Added a link to "Open Visualization", which allows the user
to jump inside the IFRAME and navigate a website by clicking
on links. This was present before, but it didn't quite work

4. Cleaned up Lists and Headers so that more pages render
correctly. Also, removed JavaScipt in these visualizations
since some sites use JavaScript to insert Ads into the web page.

5. Several other invisible changes and bugfixes.

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