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Re: Accessible Art Web site


From: Carol Foster
Date: Dec 18, 2001 3:54PM


I just took a quick look at a few pages, and they look great! I especially
like the various descriptions of the artwork in context, etc.

My only minor suggestion/question is the following (and I would be
interested to hear others' opinions):

There are a number of places where there is an image associated with a link
or title, where the alt text simply repeats the text of the link or title,
for example the ACCESSIBILITY, CREDITS and CONTACT links at the bottom of
http://tours.daytonartinstitute.org/accessart/ . I wonder if it might not
be repetitive to a screen reader user? Taking the view that these images
add something only for sighted readers who download images, would it be
better to use null alt text for these? Or would that violate some

Best wishes,

Adam Alonzo wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> I'd like to introduce Access Art, a new Web site produced by The
> Dayton Art Institute in collaboration with Wright State University.
> Though it includes a great deal of visual and aural content, it was
> designed to be as accessible as possible to everyone. A summary of
> its accessibility features is included below.
> I encourage you to visit the site at:
> http://tours.daytonartinstitute.org/accessart/
> Please feel free to contact me with suggestions on ways to improve
> the accessibility of the site. You can respond to me directly at:
> Please note that Access Art is a new addition to the Art Institute's
> overall Web site, and that the general site does not yet conform to
> the same accessibility standards.