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Re: Titles for non-visual UAs?


From: Randy Pearson
Date: Apr 16, 2005 7:38AM

>> Putting such text on the form as document content
>> reduces usability for all by adding clutter, so I guess I'll just get
>> rid of it entirely!

That strikes me as an over-reaction. If the text is worthy of being
displayed by a less-than-accessible "tooltip" style of presentation, it
would seem valuable enough to show on the form.

I would be inclined to handle this in a uniform manner, augmented with a CSS
class to allow global changes to your decision. Suppose you dub these text
snippets as "label clarifiers". You could then render a control something

<div class="control">
<label for="txtBirthday">Birthday: </label>
<span class="labelClarifier">Please enter dates using MM-DD-YYYY
<input type="text" id="txtBirthday" value="" size="12" />

Now you could reduce that feeling of visual clutter by providing a softer
look to the additional text, while still keeping it available and
accessible. For example:

font-size: 90%;
font-style: italic;
color: #666; /* somewhat gray */

This would make it easy to handle new decisions quickly, such as adding
"display: none;" to remove the text (perhaps as a user preference), etc.

-- Randy