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From: Paul Bohman
Date: May 8, 2000 2:18PM

I haven't seen a lot of activity on the discussion group mailing list for a
few days now. I just want to remind people that the list is here to help
answer your questions. Don't hesitate to post your concerns, successes,
frustrations or ideas about Web accessibility.
Another reminder: It won't be long now before the federal government puts
its final stamp of approval on its Web accessibility requirements. The
deadline for us as Web developers to have our sites accessible is August 7,
2000 (that's right, it's this year, only 3 months from now!). After that
date, consumers will be able to file formal complaints against inaccessible
How many of us are going to be ready by Aug. 7?
If you haven't started making your site accessible yet, let me suggest
running your pages through two validators: Bobby (http://www.cast.org/bobby)
and the W3C's HTML validator (http://validator.w3.org).
That's only a beginning, but it is a start.
You may want to also take a look at our expanded list of resources at
Ok, with all of that said, I hope you take advantage of the mailing list. No
question is too small or too big. And if you have some accessibility tips
to share, please do so, for the benefit of others.
Hope to hear from you soon.
Paul Bohman
Technology Coordinator
Web Accessibility In Mind (WebAIM)
Utah State University