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Re: No Plug-Ins on Page, but Validator Thinks So


From: Michael Pastore
Date: Apr 29, 2005 10:59AM

Thanks again Chis! ...

I made a change -- not the one you've suggested, but a far simpler
one, in line with my tech-skill level. I cut out the drop-down box
completely for the Archives, and replaced it with a simple list.

And AGAIN, I am getting that same error message:
"Make sure there is a link to download accessible plug-ins."

Why is this message coming up? What plug-ins are needed to read any
part of my page? ...
Also, the validator page that flunks me for this error is not telling
me what line caused it. Here's the site where I failed the test:
(I tested for 508, not the 3 levels of WAI)

Thanks again ...