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RE: What makes appropriate equivalents to Flash?


From: Stuart Smith
Date: May 24, 2005 10:17AM

Hi Mike

Thanks for the welcome, I work for the University that hosts the NLN
materials so we probably know a lot of the same people.

Without sounding too much like blowing the services own trumpet they do show
that Flash can work accessibly.

That said I think they also show the value of extensive user testing,
especially with Flash.

With regards to your latest offering, I cannot see any major problems, that
can't be overcome. I might be tempted to use access keys and anchor tags if
the list got much longer to allow the user the user to navigate more
randomly as answers came to them. At the moment the selection experience is
linear when using keys so it does not reflect the freedom that an mouse user
would have in completing the test in the order that suited them.


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Whoops, the url might be useful:


I've put a small demo html /php quiz online as an example for the site
If anyone has a little time could they check its accessibility please?

Mike 2k:)2