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Re: CMS and Dublin Core Metadata


From: Terrence Wood
Date: Jun 26, 2005 7:20PM

Many CMS software packages allow plugins or modules, or some other
means to add functionality to the system without rewriting the core

Consult your existing CMS software documentation to see if it is a
possibility to add custom metadata to content.

I recently surveyed over 20 CMS systems while researching UI design
patterns in open source web application software, and I didn't find any
that passed WAI priority 2, which by extension means they would
probably not comply with section 508.

I formed the impression that accessibility was not on the radar for the
developers (no insult to any CMS developers intended if that's not the
case -- I would love to be proved wrong if anybody knows any

Terrence Wood.

On 27 Jun 2005, at 7:42 AM, David Morris wrote:

> Does anyone know of a content management system that allows content
> editors
> to add Dublin Core Metadata to each individual page?
> I am in charge of creating a website for a University Department that
> must
> meet all of the Section 508 standards as well as include these
> requirements:
> http://www.unt.edu/wmoen/teaching/MDFinalProjectSp2000/appendix_i.htm
> Thanks for the help,
> Dave Morris