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RE: Accessible popup menus


From: Glenda Watson Hyatt
Date: Jul 28, 2005 11:11PM

Don Wrote:

>I'm not sure the number of tabs is relevant to whether these menus are
>accessible or not. If Section 4 is the last of a series of links you
>will still have to tab that many times to reach it whether they are in
>drop down menus or all visible on the page like Rob's, right?

I am thinking: not necessarily. Say Section 2 is Services with a submenu.
If that submenu was instead on a separate services page, then I wouldn't
have to tab through Section 2 submenu to get to Section 3. I realize that
technique is probably faulty for other reasons, which I'm sure others will
quickly point out to me. What would be really cool is if I could navigate
these menus using my arrow keys. That would save a lot of tabbing. Doing a
quick test, this is possible with the Windows start menu. Has anyone done
this on a site?

>As for Glenda's very reasonable complaint about being able to maneuver
t>hrough many drop-down type menus, this seems more an issue of the size
>of the target than the technology used.

Not sure if it's only the target size, but also how how the menu disappears
when I move off the list area when using my joystick - if that makes senses.
I have the same problem with the Windows start menu. Sometimes I need to
try two or three times. I wish there was a way to "lock" the submenu once

>So, I'll ask again...Why do you consider these menus inaccessible?

Does that help?


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