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RE: good examples of javascript "roll over" menus with an accessible alternative


From: John Foliot - WATS.ca
Date: Jul 29, 2005 1:20PM

Bill Adams wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I usually just read the list, but this one really caught my eye as
> I've been looking for such a thing too.
> What is everyone's opinion on the Ultimate Drop Down Menu by
> Brothercake (http://www.udm4.com/)?
> This has been the only one I've found to be free and the creator says
> it is accessible.
> Thanks
> Bill

Hi Bill,

You sure that this isn't just a continuation of the "other" thread that
produced all the vitriol earlier?

Yes, Brothercake's "flyout" or dropdown menu is generally accessible
from a *technical* perspective. However it still can induce "issues"
with some user-groups, and opinion is split on it's level of
accessibility. Like many of the judgement calls we are forced to make
in the name of accessibility, some think it is, some think otherwise.
My personal opinion is that of the later group. As much of this I just
wrote in response to the other thread, if you read my previous posting
this morning it will be old news:

1) Number of links in the nested list: Having a nested list with 44
different list items links is going to be an issue for many users -
flyout (compacted) menus or not. It's information overload (too many
initial choices) that can affect users with cognative impairments, and
is covered by WCAG Guideline Priority 2 - 12.3 "Divide large blocks of
information into more manageable groups where natural and appropriate".
If you think about it, using compacted (flyout) menus such as
acknolwedge this very point - this is why you are compacting the list in
the first place, no? Perhaps a better method is to re-think the
navigation process into better "streams", rather than seek to provide
*all* the links every time on every page.

2) Order of placement in your source code: What if this codeblock
(complete with all 44 links) is placed at the "top" of your source code
- minus a "skip nav" link or equivelant?... Is it still "accessible"?
Many (most) would argue no, and it certainly would not pass muster under
Section 508. Screen Readers (for example) would have to sit and listen
to those 44 links every single time. And what if the code block is at
the "end" of the source code? Again, without a "skip-to" link, the page
must be "read" to the end before we reach the nav block. This is an
accessibility issue! (and BTW, fails WAI AAA Status (WCAG Priority 2 -
9.5 "Provide keyboard shortcuts to important links (including those in
client-side image maps), form controls, and groups of form controls.") -
plus without the proscribed "Skip Nav" link you fail Section 508