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Re: Accessible popup menus [in reply to Don's Q]


From: Terrence Wood
Date: Jul 29, 2005 5:06PM

On 29 Jul 2005, at 4:41 PM, Don Hinshaw wrote:

> One thing I am struggling with and I haven't heard a really clear
> answer to (I was hoping that Jim would reappear since it was his
> comment that started us off!) is *why* those people who consider Al's
> menus to be inaccesible feel that way.

The main issue for me (I can't speak for Jim) is PVII's claim of WAI
priority 3 conformance for their the menu system when, in fact, it
fails to meet the requirements. Specifically, it fails guideline 9.2 -
Ensure that any element that has its own interface can be operated in a
device-independent manner. see:

And, as it does not create link text itself, but rather relies on the
users of the DW extension to create it, PVII can't claim conformance to
priority three because of the potential to fail guideline 13.1 -
Clearly identify the target of each link. see:

Based on these facts PVII can, at best only claim conformance to WAI
priority one.

There were other issues raised such as the difficulties dropdown and
flyout menu's present for mouse users with motor difficulties, and the
larger question of how usable is linking to every page on a site (such
as cognitative load etc)? Christain addresses some the larger question
elsewhere in this thread.

kind regards
Terrence Wood.