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RE: web access keys


From: Jan Eric Hellbusch
Date: Aug 16, 2005 1:40AM

Hi Glen,

> I was just wondering is there a way to make the access
> key take the person to the page without them having to
> press Enter to go to the link.
> Thanx

I use a JavaScript, for example the one on http://2bweb.de for MSIE. The
script is called keypress.js and can be included so that only MSIE uses it
(see code in HTML on the mentioned page).

A page which uses a bit more accesskey is www.barrierefreies-webdesign.de.
For example, by using Alt+2 (MSIE/Mozilla) you will always get to the next
page - a "replacement" for the not supported LINK element in MSIE. Alt+3
gets you to the previous page.


Jan Eric Hellbusch
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