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RE: website development advice please


From: Austin, Darrel
Date: Aug 19, 2005 9:00AM

> and access keys.

Note that access keys are often seen as an accessibility problem (see
previous threads from this week).

> now was wondering, will be doing also css and java script.
> now for accessability, was wondering, is there a accessable
> flash software or techniques to put flash to work with jaws
> and window eyes?
> or should my final version also have say frames?
> a left frame for my navigation, middle frame for the main
> content, right frames for my links.

Adding things like frames and flash are likely going to make your site
less accessible (and, arguably, more annoying).

It sounds like you are trying to use features for the sake of features.
Did you have a specific reason for using flash and/or frames? If so,
explain the context a bit more and we can offer some better advice.