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RE: website development advice please


From: Andrew Kirkpatrick
Date: Aug 19, 2005 11:00AM

> > now was wondering, will be doing also css and java script.
> > now for accessability, was wondering, is there a accessable flash
> > software or techniques to put flash to work with jaws and
> window eyes?

> Adding things like frames and flash are likely going to make
> your site less accessible (and, arguably, more annoying).

For information about what flash is capable of and guidelines for
development, see http://www.macromedia.com/resources/accessibility/.
There is a document 'best practices for accessible flash design' that
will help clarify how Flash can be made accessibly.

That Flash can be used in annoying ways is certainly true, but let's not
categorically dismiss Flash as annoying and less accessible just because
of how some designers use it. You can make an argument that it is less
accessible, but please provide information about how you define
accessible. If you need the site to work for JAWS 3.7 then using Flash
will result in either inaccessible content or additional work on the
part of the developer to provide an alternative. If you are trying to
incorporate additional visual support for people with cognitive
disabilities, you may find Flash results in a more accessible
experience. If your audience includes users of newer versions of screen
readers, you can create an accessible experience for these and other

> Did you have a specific reason for using flash and/or frames?
> If so, explain the context a bit more and we can offer some
> better advice.

Thank you for adding this, Darryl. The context is very important and is
the first question to ask - setting the objectives before choosing the
technology is important in web design, although there is overlap in what
different technologies are capable of.'


Andrew Kirkpatrick
Principal Accessibility Engineer, Macromedia