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Supernova and alt-text


From: abelang5@uwo.ca
Date: Aug 19, 2005 2:00PM

<P>I am currently conducting an accessibility assessment on our intranet site. I have just encountered something a bit baffling. Supernova did not warn me that a new window was going to open. We have the links and image links coded to warn users, which it does in JAWS. Yet in supernova, on a mouse-over, it did not 'pop-up'.&nbsp; And since users do not always use both the magnifier and reader, it is a practical issue.</P>
<P>Is this a supernova issue? </P>
<P>I would like to be able to recommend on a course of action. Thank you in advance.</P>
<P>Annie Belanger</P>
<P>Inet Team, Canada</P>